A vibrant social service wing is functioning under the dynamic leadership of MJF. Ln. Leo Muthu, Chairman of the college, since the inception.

The major aim of the wing is to help economically poor people by means of arranging blood donation camps at our college premises and also by means of arranging free medical camps & eye camps in and around the Tambaram area. These activities are carefully and meticulously planned and implemented by our social service wing.

Blood Donation Camp

Many of our college students and staff members are donating blood in the blood donation camps organised by the college every year in association with Golden City Lions Club of Chennai.

Free Medical Camp

Free medical camps have been conducted by each system of medicine in each and every month at various places. A permanent free medical camp for Ayurveda at Dharkast and Siddha at KannadaPalayam have been functioning weekly twice for the whole year. In that camps thousands of peoples are getting benefited.